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PAYMENT OPTIONS at the studio:  Cash, EFTPOS, direct debit, Visa, Mastercard (note, no AMEX or other cards).  Sorry, no refunds.

Unlimited Membership

Concession $36/week

Once you have finished your Intro Month, the best value membership is our Unlimited Monthly Pass, it's a no fuss sign-up without long term or complex contracts*.

*Conditions Apply.


Terms and Conditions

• Please always check our website for schedule changes (or download the Yoga 8 App from your App store) for holiday period class cancellations. 

• Doors close strictly on time. If by chance the door is still open and the class has already begun please be aware you may not be able to attend the class.

• The multiple class passes have expiration dates.  Please check with reception at time of purchase. Unless otherwise noted, class passes expire after 12 months. No exceptions.

• Classes and passes are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable.

• Holds are available only for 12 month passes (maximum four weeks for 12 month pass).

Passes purchased before July, 2014. Any multi-class pass purchased from the previous business owners (eg 5 class, 50 class pass, etc) will be honoured by us, however, that pass will EXPIRE 12 months after your first visit with us.

• If you are sick, unwell or injured we are able to hold your pass, but you’ll need to email the studio at the time of your illness (not afterwards).  We may also ask for a letter from your doctor. We reserve the right the refuse the hold. 

• Yoga 8 takes pride in running to the class schedule, but reserves the right to cancel classes if necessary.

Class Cancellations & No-shows

• We understand that “life happens” however due to restricted student numbers per class the following penalties apply for no-shows and late class cancellations. No exceptions.

• Students who do not show up for a booked class will be charge $27 (full casual class rate) even if you have been added from a waitlist.

• Yoga 8 has a four hour late cancellation window. If you do not cancel your booking within four hours of the published class start time you will be charged $27 (full casual class rate). All class cancellations must be done online via your booking App. Please don’t phone the studio as we do not have a full time receptionist and we cannot accept cancellations via phone call, phone message, email, or message via social media platforms. We apologise for this but there are no exceptions.

Direct Debit Memberships

• Direct Debit Memberships cannot be terminated within the first month from sign up date but can be terminated any time after that with four week’s notice.

Procedure to Terminate a Direct Debit Membership

• To cancel a Direct Debit membership please email the studio to request a “Direct Debit Membership Termination Form.” The four week notice period starts from the date this form completed and return emailed to You may continue to practice at the studio during the notice period. Any direct debit payments that fall within the notice period will be deducted as scheduled regardless of the final date of your notice period. Please note that membership suspensions do not override the need to pay out the notice period.

Membership Suspension – Direct Debit Members

• Direct Debit Membership can be put on hold for a maximum period of four weeks per year of membership without any charge or fee. Suspension can be taken at any time in part or whole.  The free suspension option will reset at the anniversary of your yearly membership (the four weeks credits do no accrue indefinitely).

• If you require suspension beyond the four ‘no charge’ weeks you can suspend for up to 12 extra weeks per year for a fee of $10 per week. The $10 per week fee will replace your regular membership payment – so, for example, if you need to suspend for another 12 weeks, the maximum cost to you is $120 total. The $10 per week fee is to cover administration costs of maintaining your active membership, and to ensure that you retain your current membership rate should prices rise. This is especially important if you are on a discount rate as terminating and re-applying for membership means you will get the current, standard rate and lose your discount rate. 

• The paid suspension option can be used for a maximum 12 weeks in any given membership year.

• Members wanting any suspension must email the studio with their requested start and end dates. The studio will respond within 3 business days. Yoga 8 reserves to right to refuse any suspension request.  

• Membership suspension does not override the notice period for Membership Terminations. All notice period payments must be met.

• Direct Debit contract terms must be met.  A $20 decline fee is deducted for any unsuccessful Direct Debit auto scheduled transactions. 

• If the business is sold, your direct debit membership transfers to the new business owners until such time that you terminate the membership following the membership termination processes and procedures.

• By purchasing a Direct Debit Membership you agree to abide by these and any additional terms and conditions contained within the Direct Debit sign up form.

Personal agreement

As a condition of my pass/membership and/or participation in yoga classes/events at Yoga 8, I acknowledge and agree to the following:

  • I am in good physical health and fully able to perform all yoga exercises which I am to learn and perform during my class/session/membership with you.
  • I will faithfully follow all instructions given to me by you and/or your instructors as to when, where and how to perform and not perform yoga exercises, it being understood that any deviation by me from such instructions shall be at my own risk.
  • I will not hold Yoga 8, your partners, or employees responsible for any injuries suffered by me caused whole or in part by my failure to faithfully follow instructions of your instructors or by any physical impairment of mine not fully disclosed to you in writing.
  • I understand and acknowledge that I am to receive instruction in yoga theory and exercises only, and I will not hold you, your partners, instructors, or employees to any higher standard or care than that applicable to a school of yoga theory and exercises.

Covid-19 Special Acknowledgements:

1. I am entering Yoga 8 and taking part in yoga (and related activities) at the premises at my own risk. I will therefore not hold Yoga 8, its owners, associates or employees responsible for any potential exposure to Covid-19.

2. I agree not to attend classes or enter Yoga premises if I feel unwell, have cold and flu-like symptoms, a raised temperature, or if I believe I may have been in contact in the last 14 days with a person(s) who may have had Covid-19.

3. I agree to follow reasonable hygiene practices whilst at Yoga 8, including any other specific directions regarding hygiene given by Yoga 8, its owners and/or teachers. Reasonable hygiene practices include washing and/or sanitising my hands on entering the premises, prior to, and after classes; not sharing equipment with others, covering my mouth/nose when I sneeze/cough/etc; placing any rubbish in provided bins; and maintaining general cleanliness and tidiness.

4. I understand and agree that mats, props and other equipment may not be available for hire/use. I therefore agree to bring my own mat/equipment if necessary in order to take place in classes. I will bring my own towel to classes and/or will hire one if directed by a Yoga 8 staff member/teacher.

5. Yoga 8, its owners, staff and teachers reserve the right to ask anyone who has cold and flu-like symptoms to leave the premises immediately.

6. I agree to provide my full contact details - name, phone number, email, and address for contact tracing purposes should I or anyone attending Yoga 8 be found to have contracted Covid-19.

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of Yoga 8 passes and memberships listed and described at The tuition paid herewith and such registration or pass fees paid hereafter or directly online are non-refundable; such refunds if any, as are made, shall be entirely at the discretion of Yoga 8.

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