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Investment: $4,200 AUD includes GST. Non—refundable deposit $500. Final $3700 can be paid in parts. Final payment due three weeks prior to course commencememt date.

The timetable may be subject to slight changes and variations day to day. See Attendance Policy for more info.


Become a certified Yoga Teacher under the guidance of Sian Pascale (The Light Collective) and Jamie Strathairn (Yoga 8) studying Hatha, Tantra and Yin lineages.

This is an opportunity to both evolve your practice on a personal level and also to find your voice as a teacher so that you feel confident to guide others. This course breaks down the yoga postures, but with a focus of moving beyond the asana. Mantra, meditation, pranayama, energetics (both Indian Yogic and Chinese Medicine theory), history and philosophy are all key pillars in this YTT - with the intention that teachers leave well rounded and equipped to bring the full power of the yogic practices to life.

Students will not only experience the sacred practices and techniques of Hatha, Tantra and Yin Yoga, but will also learn to teach confidently, from their own distinct voice and expression. The course has been designed to prepare you as a teacher with plenty of opportunities to practice sharing the teachings in an interactive, open workshop style learning environment. To compliment this, students will also study class sequencing, modifications, anatomy, alignment and boundaries. Beyond The Asana is an invitation to dive deep and make space for transformation.



Foundational Hatha Flow Asana: Become a fully qualified Hatha Flow Teacher; analysis, posture breakdown, alignment, cues, physical adjustments and variations for different levels of practitioner.

Foundational Yin Yoga: Become a fully qualified Yin Yoga Teacher; analysis, posture breakdown, alignment, cues, physical adjustments and variations for different levels of practitioner.

Vinyasa Krama: Safe and effective sequencing and class planning.

Teaching Methodology: Vocal quality, demonstrating and holding space.

Pranayama: The power of breathwork to change the body’s biological chemistry and energy field.

Mantra: Working consistently with mantra to raise our vibration, clear our voice and connect us to the ancient lineage of the yogic teachings. Learning to weave mantra through classes confidently and effectively. Japa mantra, kirtan and bhakti.

Meditation: Through daily deep self practice and training, learn a variety of techniques from Buddhist Breath Meditations to Vedic Mantra Meditation to become a fully qualified meditation teacher.

White Tantra Yoga: Understanding all of the above practices through the Tantric lens of the energy body. Feeling into and experience the yogic practice as one that has the capacity to lift and shift energy. Initiation into sacred Tantric Practices of consecration and moving meditations.

Bandhas & Mudras: Learn to feel and understand locks and energetic seals used for thousands of years.

Shatkarmas & Kriyas: Cleansing and clearing rituals.

Self Practice: Feel confident to create your own daily Sadhana, a spiritual self practice.


Indian Yogic Lineage (Hatha and Tantra Yoga): Connecting you to an ancient oral tradition of teacher to student wisdom that is thousands of years old. Understand the history and philosophy of the ancient yogis that we can connect to in every class.

Sacred Science of Chinese Medicine (Yin Yoga): Understand the theory of yin, yang, qi and the 5 elements and how to harmonise the physical, spiritual and energetic bodies through yin yoga practice.

Anatomy & Physiology: Understand natural human variation and the body in relation to the yoga practice. Become aware of the link between the physical Western concept of the body and the Eastern energetic concept of the body. The power of the breath and how to teach a room full of different bodies, ages and stages.

The Chakras: Deep dive into the tantric energetic centres called the chakras, an understanding of these spaces through embodiment practices and felt experiences.

The History of Yoga: Understand where the modern yoga class comes from, the secret history of Hatha and Tantra, and how Chinese and Indian practices converge energetically.

The Yoga Sutras: The 8 limbs of yoga.

Yogic Texts:

Introduction to Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda.


Teaching Clinics: Regular teaching clinics to build your confidence and intuitive capacity to teach.

Adjustment Circus: Learning to physically adjust on other trainees, confident to understand when a physical adjustment is helpful and appropriate.

Assisting: Opportunity to assist and observe as teachers in a functioning Yoga Studio (Yoga 8!).

Journalling: Time for self reflection and personal growth.

Weekly Homework: Written tasks, discussions and practical opportunities for you to embody the teachings.


Our days have a general structure but are subject to change. We will do our best to ensure you know the schedule about a week in advance. There will be occasions where we we finish early or later and we suggest that you use your evenings in this time to rest, complete the homework and absorb the information of the day. Treat this time as a retreat from your daily life and avoid making plans or too many big social events. This is a rare opportunity to be immersed in the yogi teachings.





Sian Pascale is an experienced Energetic, Breath, Meditation and Yoga teacher with 20 years of experience.

She began a daily meditation practice at 16 and a dedicated Ashtanga Yoga practice at 19. Her daily practice continued for 11 years while she studied and worked as an architect, before she moved to India and began training under her Soul-sister and Teacher Vandana for 2 years. Under this traditional yogic teacher- student tutelage Sian began to teach for Vandana, moving away from the strict single lineage model into one that was inclusive of many styles and traditions.

She then completed an intensive 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training certification in India, lifting her vibration and moving into the dharmic realisation of becoming a full time teacher. Traveling to the Himalayas she continued her studies in Yogic Philosophy and Mantra, before meeting her Tantra Master. Training with him continued for over 2 years, in which time Sian moved back to Australia to teach full time yoga asana, pranayama, mantra and meditation. She continued her training studying Yin Yoga and Philosophy in Australia and also returned back to India for her YTT300 in Himalayan Kundalini and Tantra.

In 2017 Sian founded The Light Collective to bring the expansive practices of Hatha, Tantra, Kundalini and Ashtanga yoga to yoga students and teachers in her workshops and teacher trainings. 

Sian is a teacher’s teacher- she loves to bring to life all aspects of the yogic lineage into every class, including philosophy, pranayama, mantra and meditation. Her self practice and dedication to the yogic path has allowed her to merge ancient teachings into a modern language that everyone can access. Deeply connected to the Indian lineage of teaching she imparts her knowledge generously and whole-heartedly. Her yoga practice is focussed on the spiritual and the energetic and she channels Divinity in every practice.



Jamie began his yoga journey eight years ago as a student of Bikram Yoga. After suffering ruptured spinal disks (non-yoga related) and being forced to reevaluate his wellness at a deep level, Jamie left a successful corporate career to focus on health and wellness modalities, enrolling with The Australian Shiatsu College to study Traditional Chinese Medicine theory and techniques.

During his studies Jamie became acquainted with the teachings and philosophy of yin yoga and after seeking out further learning opportunities he found and graduated from his foundational yoga training with a 200 Hour Yin Yoga certification through Jo Phee and Joe Barnett (both senior assistants to Yin Yoga founder, Paul Grilley). Jamie has since added to his yin studies through further courses with Jo Phee, and with renowned teacher and yin yoga author, Bernie Clark.

As Founder and Senior Trainer at Yoga 8, Melbourne, Jamie brings a wealth of teaching and training experience to his students. His classes and teachings bring together Traditional Chinese Medicine wisdom, modern anatomy and physiology, and yogic philosophy in a conversational style that is easy to absorb and embody.

Jamie is also a certified Meditation Teacher (Holistic Meditation).

Terms and Conditions

By purchasing this course I agree to and will be bound by the all the following:

I am aged 18 years or over.

I am in reasonable health to undertake this course and will not hold Yoga 8, its subsidiaries, the trainer(s), or any Yoga 8 staff for any injury sustained or incurred as a result of any activity of the training course or through attending the training or facilities.

I will faithfully follow all instructions of the teacher(s) / trainer(s) and Yoga 8 staff to the best of my ability.

Whilst Yoga 8 take all care, Yoga 8 is not responsible for your personal or valuable items whilst attending training. Locker facilities may be available for use but students are responsible for securing their personal and valuable belongings.

Payment in full (or by deposit, $500) is required to confirm a place in this course. Deposits are non-refundable. Payment in full is required no later than three weeks prior to course commencement. If unable to attend and your place can be filled by another paying student prior to the course starting then Yoga 8 may consider returning the non-deposit part of the course fees. This is at the complete discretion of Yoga 8.

Full attendance at all sessions is required to receive your 200hours YA accreditation.

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