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Why are the rooms heated?

Here are some good reasons why:

  1. When muscles are warm, fat is burned more easily
  2. The heat provides a mental challenge, thereby teaching us determination and focus
  3. Promotes sweating, which assists in detoxifying using our largest organ, skin
  4. Increases the heart rate, which improves the workings of the cardiovascular system
  5. When we stretch, fat has nowhere to sit, so it is redistributed back to the bloodstream, to then be reused for energy
  6. Speeds up the breakdown of glucose and fatty acids.
  7. Heat allows the body to open and gives the body a greater range of motion in the joints, thereby increasing flexibility with less chance of injury
  8. Capillaries respond to heat by dilating. This allows more oxygen to the muscles, tissue, glands and organs, helping with the removal of waste product



Will I sweat a lot?

Just because the rooms are heated doesn’t mean you’ll sweat.  In Yin yoga we keep the internal heat down as there is little movement in and between postures. But for more active, ‘yang’ styles of yoga like Bikram and Hatha Flow you will sweat.  Maybe a lot. But that’s great because your body will be getting out all those toxins through your largest organ, your skin.  There’s a popular hot yoga saying – “Sweat is just fat crying.”

Place a towel on your mat, wear light clothing, and enjoy the sweat. A warm body will help you practice more deeply and safely.



What should I bring to class?

  • A thin yoga mat (you can also hire one at the studio)
  • Two full size bath towels – it gets sweaty in there (you can also hire one at the studio). The other towel is for your shower after (we have full bathroom facilities)
  • Water bottle (you can also buy drinks at the studio or fill up your bottle)
  • Yoga clothes – something light (it’s hot) and stretchy



What’s considered good yoga etiquette?

  • Please remove your shoes as you enter and leave them in the storage under the benches
  • Please don't take personal belongings into the class, they may be left in the secure lockers or in the changing room
  • Bring only your yoga mat, one towel and your water into class (No mobile phones in the practice room)
  • Be prepared to stay in the yoga room for the entire class
  • Please refrain from chatting once you have entered the yoga room
  • Please wipe down any hire mats with the sprays and towels provided and return any studio props (blocks, blankets, straps, etc) to their places back in reception
  • After class please leave the practice room quietly



What if I need to leave the room?

We ask that students stay in the room for the full class. This is for safety and security reasons (there often is no one out in reception during a class and the teacher needs to stay with the students). Of course, if nature calls, it’s ok to leave for a break and then return. Just let the teacher know you’re coming back.



Do you have showers?

Yoga 8 has full bathroom facilities for males and females, so you can practice on your way to or from work. Clean, fresh towels are available for hire at the studio ($2) should you wish to avoid having to carry a wet towel around. Free lockers are available (subject to availability) to store your belongings while you practice and the main studio door is locked during class for further security.



What should I wear?

Something light and stretchy, but really, whatever feels comfortable for you. Girls typically wear yoga shorts or ¾ yoga leggings with a crop top or singlet. Guys typically wear yoga or gym shorts with or without a singlet.



I have an injury. Can I still practice?

We ALWAYS recommend to first check with your doctor to ensure that your particular injury will not be worsened by practising. If your doctor gives you the all clear come along to a class. You can discuss your injury with the teacher prior to class and they will recommend any posture modifications you might require to work with your current condition. With these precautions, yoga practice may greatly improve and even help heal injuries.

Remember also, to not push your body through any posture that is causing pain (a little discomfort is normal and to be expected when practising).


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